Architectural Services

Architectural Services

Our team provides a full range of architectural services including planning; schematic designs; design development; assembling construction documents; assisting in bidding and negotiation; and construction administration, together with cost estimating every step of the way. We've worked on a very wide range of types of buildings, and know what each demands.

New Facilities

Our team specializes in developing sites and new facilities from the ground up. Rest assured that we can take our client's site and provide professional services through the point the building is move in ready.

Renovations and Alterations

Our team has experience with very complex renovations and alterations. Together with our consultants, we have a solid track record of keeping the cost of unforseen conditions and changes in the field to a minimum, with sufficient exploratory investigations and coordination.


Our team is well experienced in designing building additions that are both unique in character, yet fit well functionally and visually with our client's existing facility.

Space Planning

Our team knows how complicated all the different functions, interrelationships, dependencies, and space needs our clients need to fit into their facilities. We can help organize your buildings’ interiors with space programming, and assist in finding all the information from your end-users to make sure everyone's needs are met.

Interior Design

Our team knows from experience what works well for different types of settings, both from an aesthetic, and a functional perspective. We can help you plan and retrofit your space into a setting of choice.

Material Selection and Specification

Our team has assembled many presentations to assist clients in selecting finishes for both the interior and exteriors of their building. We provide a professional eye, and can assemble specific direction and specifications into bid packages, ready to solicit pricing from contractors on exactly what our client is expecting in their finished product.

Furniture, Fixture and Equipment Selection and Coordination

Our team knows sometimes our clients need integrated project delivery. Our team can help you select and assemble bid packages for furniture, fixtures and equipment specific to your industry. We coordinate that all the architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical requirements that specialized equipment may need, making sure that what you buy both fits, and is fully functional. We can take your building, and coordinate with the construction schedule to have it fully outfitted and move-in ready on schedule.