MNK is focused on creating modern, practical, sustainable architecture – evocative of both time and place.

Architecture is our passion. The transformation of spaces that influence our daily lives is our highest goal. One project at a time, our commitment to thoughtful design, thorough construction document delivery, and insightful project leadership and management has produced transformative places throughout the Southwest.

Our work focuses on educational projects and 21st century learning environments, from K-12 and higher education, to governmental and civic, commercial, structural, healthcare, and spiritual facilities.

Our ability to analyze problems, and our attention to detail, to include the logistics of execution, has enabled us to help countless clients on their journey through design and construction. Listening is what we do best. At MNK we pride

ourselves in approaching each project with an open mind, and engaging with our clients and those they serve to develop solutions and designs targeted to meet your goals. Our holistic design approach is central to our firm's success over the last 35 years. We make sure it's

Your Vision, Delivered.

The Firm

Miguel Hernandez

Associate Principal | Second Vice President

Miguel's curiosity about architecture began when he accidently came to live on a construction site during the renovation of his boyhood home. Watching construction workers renovate his house as he grew up in it, inspired him to borrow his sisters' old eyeliner brushes for him to paint with, and to save all his money to buy a Mickey Mouse drawing book. To this day, Miguel's hand drawings grace our office walls and have inspired some of our firm's award-winning projects. Miguel obtained his Bachelors of Arts in Architecture from Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, and has been working at MNK since 2006. He finds inspiration in watching the process of a simple sketch turn into a building. Miguel enjoys reading about the history of the Mexican Revolution, and the real history of the United States.

Jennifer Countryman

AIA, LEED AP, MA SOC., Principal | Vice President

Jennifer learned to appreciate architecture by browsing the catalogs of residential floorplans that they used to have on display as you waited in line at the grocery store, on the bottom shelves, the only shelves she was able to reach at the time. Her fascination with floor plans led her to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Universidad de las Américas, in Puebla, Mexico, and her Master of Arts in Sociology from UTEP. Jennifer is a licensed architect in both Texas and New Mexico, and has been working at MNK since 2013. She draws inspiration from watching a design on paper come to life, and traveling. Few people guess that her preferred way to decompress is keeping up with celebrity gossip.

Renée Jiménez

AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Principal | President + CEO

Although Renée jokes that she chose architecture since it started with an "A" and was at the top of the list her counselor gave her, she also says deep down she always knew she wanted to be an architect. As a child, Renée built forts from nature-found materials during family camping trips and would wait for her mother to leave the house so she could rearrange all the furniture before she came home again. Renée went on to obtain her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design from Texas A & M; her licensure from Texas and Arizona; and has been working at MNK since 2005. She finds inspiration from witnessing the positive reactions people have when they experience her design work, and is most motivated when told that what she's set before her is impossible.

Edmund Castle

PE, Principal Engineer | Secretary

Eddie is an architect at heart—intrigued from a young age by what it was about churches that invoked such emotional responses from visitors, and rose attempting to re-create those same lofty ceilings with endless afternoons of stacking blocks as a child. Eddie in the end learned how to build to great heights through studying a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from New Mexico State University; doing three years of architectural studies at Arizona State University; and obtaining his Engineering licensure in Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana. He's been working at MNK since 2019. His inspiration comes from people, their ability to love and care for others, and giving back to the community—he coaches baseball to kids. When Eddie is not handling (structural) stress, he spends his time learning interesting and obscure historical facts and listening to James Brown and the Rolling Stones.